5.16 - The Parts in the Sum of the Whole: One of you has to have the courage to break this stalemate. You, it has to be you because you’re the gambler. For once, make that work for you.


Bones Season 9

Not everyone understands people like us. Inertia demands that you keep going.


"I wasn’t doing that"

Little Bones Things | Random people (after Brennan’s comments): "Where did you find her?" Booth: "Museum."

bold what applies to you


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Added a Bones premiere countdown to my blog

Added a Bones premiere countdown to my blog

Spoiler TV: 2014 Character Cup - Round 4

Vote for Brennan, vincent



I’m late to the Bones fandom and didn’t start watching until mid-season 5. I’ve only been involved in four season premieres and season 10 will be the fifth and I must say that I’ve never been as excited and full of hope as I am for this coming season premier. I think there is a huge potential in…

I am really late for Bones. I started watching about one month ago (took me 2 weeks to watch all epis) and this up coming première will be my first one. I am super nervous and excited.